Krimi in the Pocket, Giallo on the Brain – Where the German Krimi series meets the Italian Giallo  A one-stop shop for all things J.G.Ballard-related – Collector’s site dedicated to UK quad film posters

Hammer Horror Posters – Hammer Horror, Hammer Glamour, including unused poster designs

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The Art of Penguin Science Fiction – Penguin SF paperback cover gallery

British Film Posters by Sim Branaghan – Indispensable guide to the history of the UK quad poster – available to buy on Amazon UK

DVD Savant – Glenn Erickson’s superlative movie review site

Roobarb’s Forum – Discussion forum devoted to TV, film and more besides

NSFGE (Not Suitable for General Exhibition) – Irreverent Aussie-run film poster forum – News, reviews and forum discussions on the latest HD releases

ADULT. – Homepage of the eyelid-gluing, Detroit-based electro-punk duo – Homepage of the coolest supercriminal of them all

The Pink Smoke: Novelizations – In-depth analysis of the Movie Tie-In